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ATICO Fakhreldin Group Leadership Courses

The new Leadership Courses, held once a week and given by expert Eng. Bashar Shweikeh from Telecom & Control Systems Dept., NEPCO, aim to enhance, develop and accelerate the development of top management personnel. Through these practical, interactive and comprehensive approaches the team will learn to motivate their teams and influence them to adapt to challenges and to help them accelerate the organization’s growth and development. The Managers took courses in Leadership Skills, Business Writing, E-mail Etiquette, Business Phrases, Coaching, Mentoring and Communication Skills, for over two months.

ATICO Fakhreldin Group Team Sahra

The build up has been so exciting and arrangements were buzzing in preparation of a fun filled night. The Social Committee, put together a wonderful sahra at The Qyard Garden, which celebrated all our great team members on Thursday 30th, May. The special Ramadan night staged special talents (ATICO Got Talent), quizzes, live entertainment and lots of delicious food of course! Valuable gifts were handed to those who won with many other surprises. Everyone enjoyed a glorious time!